Remember to breathe..

Software development , programming, coding. Whatever you call it, it often involves sitting (or standing) for long periods of time in front of a screen, tapping away at a keyboard to get a result. If we are going by stereotypes, none of us are in good shape. We are the kids that got picked last at sports.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in being productive, it’s easy to justify those long periods of time because you’re working on the next best thing.

These days, I see a lot more developers who take their personal well being a lot more seriously. And I look at them, and I think. “How do they get enough time to do that and still do what we do?”. I have neglected my health for too long. I’ve made excuses, “oh, when my daughter is older”, “oh, I don’t have the time because I’ve got to sort out A or B”. But, the reality is, I’m just putting it off. And it’s cost me big time. I’m grossly overweight, I’m horrendously out of shape and hurtling towards my forties. I don’t want to be this any more.

I began cutting down my crap intake (I’m a big snacker), upping my water intake (drinking a lot of water means I get to walk more!). Increasing my exercise from basically nothing to something. And I intend to improve on that every week. I signed up for something with a year commitment. Serious Financial commitment. And then I began. And it hurt. It hurt bad. But with each passing session, it will get easier.

I’m not turning in to an angel overnight, I’m not cheating on a diet. I’m not dieting. I’m just cutting down the crap intake and gradually lowering the size of my portions so I’m not starving! I’m still going to eat burgers, steak and candy. I’m just going to eat a lot less of it and less frequently.

So, this site isn’t going to turn in to a “I’ve lost 5lbs” site, but I just wanted to share.

Remember to breathe…

Terry Burns-Dyson